Friday, September 02, 2016


350 years after the Great Fire of London occurred (2-5 September 1666), Merankorii's "1666" song is released to public as a free download.

This song was extracted from the album "Synthetic Works", that can be bought on CD (7,5€).

Cover: picture of an Italian gazette, held in the State Papers at The National Archives, in an article about the fire. More info here.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Synthetic Works

Merankorii is back with a new album: Synthetic Works.

Synthetic Works

An experimental sound study about - you guessed it - synthetic works, this limited edition CD release joins two Portuguese one-man-bands, Merankorii and Hulduefni, in a 15 tracks album of original work.

Merankorii fans, specially attendees from Merankorii's concerts, will be happy to know that this is the release that will show you the studio work around the songs I've been presenting live. To satisfy your appetite, here are two videos, the first from one of Hulduefni's tracks on the album, and the other a video from Merankorii live, playing some of the tracks you'll be able to listen on this album.

This album is available from "Dark Matter Records", the record label releasing it, for 7.50€ (plus shipping costs), and it is a 20 copies limited edition, so act fast before they're all sold out!