Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Wall (lyrics)

I look
to the empty bricked wall
searching for you
trying to find out
what did I lost in the process
what was that I had
I have no more
So important
that made me loose you

I look to an empty street
Full of people with lives while I have none
Just a burden that makes me so tired
Tired of waiting for the sand to stop falling
So I can finally do it...

The wall walks on my side
as I try to figure out why
Why do you had to leave me alone?


A leaf falls in the other side of the road
and my finger plays with the cement between bricks
While a sullen tear tries to slide off my dried eyes
I have no more liquids in my body - only time

Did you ever thought that...

I love this wall
I love and... wall
I am the wall
Let me fall.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Merankorii on Contrast Podcast


Contrast Podcast is a Podcast (a type of internet radio show) that airs weekly with user contributed songs. For the second time, there is a number dedicated to Contrast Podcast listers' bands, and this time Merankorii is there with Interlude!

In the shows' own words:
This week we have another special episode where the tunesmith’s are introducing their own music. As you would expect there is no less contrast and you are bound to find something you will like.

There are preety cool new bands there to know about, so feel free to listen or download the show!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Merankorii gets signed!

Dear listeners, it's with the most pleasure that I can tell this: Merankorii got signed with the label Nekrogoat Heresy Productions for the release of Merankorii's next album, "Melencolia III".

The label

Nekrogoat Heresy Productions is a new Portuguese underground label aiming to release K7 tapes, CD-R's and Vinyl records of dark musical Projects from Portugal. It's first release is going to be in December, a k7 tape in a 300 hand-numbered copies limited edition from the new Portuguese Misanthropic Black Metal act "Nebula Soturna".

The deal

Merankorii and Nekrogoat Heresy Productions signed a deal to release "Melencolia III", a Dark Ambient CD-R from Merankorii, to be released until February 2007.

The album

"Melencolia III" is going to be the third release of Merankorii, after "O Monólogo do Mudo" and "Crash". It is going to be released by Nekrogoat Heresy Productions in a 100 hand-numbered copies limited edition CD-R and will be sold for 5 € each. This album is going to have almost one hour of dark melancholic sounds in 14 tracks, including the previously released "Interlude" (on "Crash" and "Metal Legions - Vol. II") and "Solitude" (on "Armageddon, Vol. 1").

Monday, November 06, 2006

"Metal Legions - Vol. II" is out!

Merankorii participates in yet another Portuguese compilation, this time "Metal Legions - Vol. II". This compilation saw a release of 300 copies to be distributed in various labels, zines and so on, and more ten CD's for each band, including Merankorii. The track list is here:

UNDERSAVE - Infected Mind
MERANKORII - Interlude
TENEBRARVM - Tears For Eternal Monuments
GWIDION - The Great Dome
RESET - Sorry
UNDERNEATH - Self Decapitation
MORBID DEATH - Last Breath
RESPOSTA SIMPLES - Genocidio cultural
POSIDOM - John Doe
PROFAN - Eliptic Sonic Behemoth
NECROCANNIBAL - Orgy of the undead
BLACK PLAGUE - Under the Black Flame