Thursday, March 25, 2010

Merankorii @ Magna Casta

It isn't the first time Merankorii has a "commissioned work" of some sort, but it was the first time that Merankorii was *really* commissioned to do some work :-) Some months ago, the great folks from Magna Casta a great Portuguese website about wine, talked with me to commission a song made by Merankorii to be used by them on some future videos. We talked about it and agreed to talk more on the issue, but in the meantime a 20th came, and what better inspiration for it than doing a track called "Magna"? Long story short (as 20th's have to be - short), the track was made and accepted, and Magna Casta already used the track for the first time.

The video follows, don't be afraid to spread the word :-)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


TVK netlabel invited Merankorii and Nata "to rework tracks from each others back catalog in any way they saw fit resulting in the split release (in more ways than one) that is MERANATA. This is what happened in the aftermath of that experiment. Two very different approaches, but with much common ground.":

Friday, March 19, 2010

Alkali (Merankorii Mix) - American Porn Songs // Remixed

Industrial rockers' 16Volt released last year an album called American Porn Songs, and a huge load of artists, including Merankorii, decided to remix those musics.

Some of those remixes will be available on CD, lots of them are already available for streaming and/or download. Just click on the image above and check track #10: "Alkali (Merankorii Mix)". Right-clicking in a track will let you download it. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Split Fight 006 - SCHULTZ / Necro Grinder / To-Bo / Merankorii

Another free track in a new industrial/noise split release:

Split Fight 006
Artist: SCHULTZ / Necro Grinder / To-Bo / Merankorii
Release: Split Fight 006
Label: Industrial Noise Records
Catalog#: INR 059
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise, Industrial, Experimental
Releasedate : 2010-03-18


01. SCHULTZ - Is it Sex
02. Necro Grinder - Dancing Torture
03. To-Bo - Death machine
04. Merankorii - Psyche

Click on the cover image to stream or download the album. Merankorii's track "Psyche" was originally released on Merankorii's third album "Melencolia III".


Monday, March 08, 2010

Merankorii / Proyecto De Prueba - Cazatura De Arbori

It is with great pleasure that I now announce today's release of a new Merankorii album, called "Cazatura De Arbori" - a split CD between Merankorii and Proyecto De Prueba.

"Cazatura De Arbori" marks the end of a cycle - like the fall of a tree - for Merankorii, and with it the begining of another one. It is also the first physical release of Proyecto De Prueba, after two well recieved digital releases. The album is available in three different editions (prices include shipping):

  • Standard Edition (CD) - 9 Euro
  • Lighthouse Edition (2 CD) - 15 Euro
  • Collector's Edition (6 CD) - 35 Euro

"Lighthouse Edition" has two CDs in an handmade blue purse.
"Collector's Edition" has six CDs: the Lighthouse edition and four other randomly selected CDs from other artists.

Merankorii / Proyecto De Prueba - Cazatura De Arbori (Lighthouse Edition)

This is a vinyl-style CD, and comes in either a white or a black sleeve.

Merankorii / Proyecto De Prueba - Cazatura De Arbori (Standard Edition)

Like always, you can order your CD by sending me an e-mail.