Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New album released: Alain

Merankorii - Alain
Merankorii is glad to announce the release of the latest album, "Alain". This album is a tribute to Jehan Ariste Alain, unfortunately better known for his efforts in the war than at the keyboard. As the label puts it, "Paying homage to Jehan Ariste Alain, Merankorii delivers a solid half hour of lavish, off-kilter classical church organ and pseudo-harpsichord pieces, equally quirky and haunting... and obviously unlike anything A Beard of Snails has released before." This is an edition of 20 white cassettes, and a smaller sub-set of them (9, actually) come with a CD version, for those of you lacking a cassette tape player. Orders can be done via e-mail, the tape costs 6€ and the "tape + CD" version costs 7€ (shipping included worldwide). Here you can get a taste of this album: Merankorii - Intermezzo, one of the tracks from "Alain" Prélude et Fugue A Beard of Snails Summer/Fall 2011 Preview Mix, a podcast feature an excerpt of Merankorii's "Prélude et Fugue", at 41:22