Monday, May 12, 2008

Ancestral / Merankorii / Njiqahdda Split CD

Ancestral / Merankorii / Njiqahdda Split CD
Greetings friends,

Merankorii's 6th album "Ancestral / Merankorii / Njiqahdda Split", will be released tomorrow, May 13th 2008. Please contact immediately if you would like to obtain a copy of this release. We ARE accepting pre-orders as of right now.

Ancestral / Merankorii / Njiqahdda Split

3-way split release from these amazing artists totaling in over 70 minutes of brand new music! Ancestral present extremely depressive and dark anthropological black metal. Merankorii present introspective/melodic dark ambient & folk stylings. Njiqahdda display more of the atmospheric and psychedelic astral black metal they are known for. An amazing split album of 3 uniquely different yet cohesive artists, brilliant!!!

Packaged in a standard DVD case.

If you want to listen or download one free track from this release, coming as a part of the "one free track per month" iniciative, feel free to go to Merankorii's MySpace, where you can listen or download one of its tracks "Dark Woods".