Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Track: Oceanário

Following the "One Free Track Per Month" iniciative, the track "Oceanário" (referred here) is now freely available for stream or download, at the usual place... Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"New Aeon Symbols V - The Pentagram" Reviews

Damned By Light did a review on New Aeon Symbols V - The Pentagram, a 2CD compilation Merankorii made part of. Here's what they said about Merankorii's track:
Merankorii's 11-minuter sounds like you accidentally dialed to hell and the connection is in bad condition. You know what those dial-up-sounds are like, right? It's like a broken synth. Notes similar to that are played in a steady pace but without any melody, while being backed by some thin gritty distortion is what you'll hear for seven minutes. After that, more distortion, echoing and noisiness kicks in to give the track more structure, but the overall distortion soon fades and the track comes to it's end just barely more noisy than it was in the beginning. It's a really interesting track despite it's few elements, and a daring one too. I don't know how soon the track will lose it's appeal due to it's mostly thin soundscape, but it's a good listen nonetheless.
Their conclusion and rating for the album:
I'd recommend this release for people who want a quick look at the darker and/or noisier arts, and for people with need for ritual music. 9/10
You can buy this album directly to the label.

Friday, October 16, 2009

20th's: July 2009, August 2009 and September 2009 (new compilations)

Three more compilations with Merankorii tracks! Keeping up with Cabinet Pin's monthly compilations, July 2009 brings you "Denaturalization", a documentary of Humans actions towards Nature, August 2009 comes with "Oceanario", a song about the wonders that can be seen at Lisbon's Oceanário, and September 2009 with "Magna", a wine-inspired heavily-rhythmic track.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Witte Dood is a sub-label of Svartgalgh Records, focusing on dark music of nearly any kind. Founded in 2009, its releases are much more DIY than those of the latter. Home-printed artwork in a thin plastic sleeve, 3”CDR discs only. Nothing fancy, just great music. And because of the simple, yet nice packaging, they are able to keep the prices low: only € 2,00 each (excl. p&p).

From their first day I knew I had to release something on this label - their concept is... defying. Let me explain: every release of them is a single, one track with 333, 666, 999 or 1332 seconds long (exactly - so 5:33, 11:06, 16:39 or 22:12).

And so... this happened:

WIT030 Merankorii - Leroi (1332 secs)
"Horror soundtrack from Portugal. Like the infamous and god-like Goblin."

Merankorii - Leroi

Click here to buy it, or listen to a sample mp3 first.