Thursday, June 02, 2011

first... we plant the seed

TVK Netlabel just released "first... you plant the seed.", a freely available to stream or download compilation. Their pitch:
We are very pleased to present our very first compilation featuring new and exclusive tracks from a handpicked selection of artists who have previously released work on the TVK Netlabel. Fine examples of fresh produce ranging from ambient, noise, neoclassical, beats and experimental electronics from all corners of the globe including Australia, Moldova, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, Mexico, Austria and Canada have been contributed to our sonic garden with the intention of planting a seed in your listening mind - which then, with your attention and interest thus cultivated, will germinate and grow into a bountiful harvest to be shared amongst everyone, providing aural sustenance to all who feast on our delicious wares. In accordance with our efforts to build this small plot into a larger community supported ecosystem these seeds are given away free of charge in this sampler pack and we encourage you to spread them far and wide across the land - with your help.
This compilation has an exclusive Merankorii track called "Lamento".

Click on the album cover to stream or download:

You can also use this player:

PS -> Some might recognize "Lamento": it's a track I've played live in the past.