Saturday, February 05, 2011

Necktar 2017 volume 3

A mere journey through time,
the great work of anachronistic alchemists,
the apiary of a network of precognitifs,
the magnetic murmur of a quantum flaw,
a vortex of antimatter annihilating all listeners' dogmas,
a dream above the Earth passing through the Unconscious,
a psychotropic meditation resetting the consciousness...

The spectrum of possibilities has been further expanded.
Necktar 2017 volume 3
Necktar 2017 is an yearly compilation, an ongoing project until the year 2017, each release with a new set of themes. The set of themes of volume 3 is Macro / Perception / Micro : Evolution. As in volume 2, Merankorii participates in this volume 3 with a track (Barbershop), and this year my side-project kokori is also participating, with the track "Terror Attack". The digital edition of this release is free to stream and download, and is composed by 111 tracks of different yet consistent horse norme bands.

You can know more about this release - and listen to it - here:
Necktar official website
Necktar 2017 volume 3's