Monday, August 23, 2010

Pequenas Conversas, É Bom!

"Pequeno É Bom" is a monthly meeting about independent editions. I've participated several times on this meetings, and there are some videos where you can listen (in Portuguese) to my points of view regarding the independent edition. Here are the movies:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zero Is Enough

Merankorii - Zero Is Enough - Special RadiaLX 100704

cinematic - dark - ambient

02 August 2010

[EN] Sampler Mixtape of Enough Records catalogue, mixed by Merankorii, special for the RadiaLX radioshow, with music in the vein of cinematic and dark ambient. Cover artwork by Francisco Noá.

[PT] Sampler Mixtape do catálogo da Enough Records, misturado por Merankorii, especial para o programa RadiaLX da Rádio Zero, com música cinemática e dark ambient. Grafismo por Francisco Noá.

01) Vysehrad - Comsat
02) ps - lost in familiar alleys
03) Merankorii - Cry
04) (morse) - F, Volume I
05) Adrian Juarez - Hummel (Roman Slavka Remix)
06) structura - inominavel p04
07) Jari Pitkänen - Nemesia
08) +ko+ko+ - Thunder One
09) Jorge Nunes - dodó das maurícias
10) Turmoil - The World Is A Toilet
11) nny - zro:ne
12) Ambiansu - The Train's Bar
13) seetyca - die hände eiskalt
14) Sparagmos - Sparagmos
14) Proyecto de Prueba - 145
14) Deison - Frame 05

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