Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crash almost sold out!

For those of you that are regular readers, you know that Crash is a 50 copies limited edition, and was on sale in several places. We pointed ThrasPub as the right place to buy it, because you could do it for just 1.50€, shippment included. Today, Crash is the 8th best-selling CD-R from ThrashPub, but it was also today that Crash sold-out there.

So, if you're still looking for a way to buy Crash, I think there are some copies left at Baú Encantado.

[UPDATE: all gone now.]

Monday, July 03, 2006

Translation of METAL INCANDESCENTE's review

As I told you before, METAL INCANDESCENTE made a review on Crash. Since that review is in Portuguese, I made a rough translation of it to English.

Only the ecletic ways of METAL INCANDESCENTE justify on this post an analisys to Crash, the second demo from the project Merankorii, founded by Mind Booster Noori, from Mordor (ex-Diabulus). Because, while the manuscript press note says it is a Doom Metal pieace, this solo project is far far away from heavy music. What we can hear here is the somewhat depressive melancholic experimentalism, to listen, preferebly, in a stormy night.

On Crash - with a limited run of 50 copies - we found a curious effect during the ten tracks: all the odd ones have musical stretches, with ambiental sounds and acoustic instruments (with piano heading) to transmit the told melancholy; all the odd ones have spoken word recitals in Portuguese, in a heavy and calm tone, also with evolving music. So, this piece is more a kind of audio poetry with musical interludes than really a record. But "thipical" is an adjective you can't count on with Merankorii.

In essence, all the themes sound very organic, as if they were recorded at the first take. This ambient music, almost ritualistic, reaches it's peak of closeness in it's forth track: «À Arte» is as a matter of fact a tremendous ode, sentimental and poetic, and one of the biggest prominences of this piece.

Listening to it repeatedly make the magic from the first audition to dissolve itself. Annoying are the 22 tracks of almost one minute each of complete silence that precede the bonus track, more a whim than anything else. It's really slip the frontier between the genious and the madman, and it is still uncertain the artistic location of this project. We give it the doubt bennefict to this original purpose in the Portuguese musical scene. 7/10