Monday, June 19, 2006

"Crash" review on "Metal Incandescente"

"Crash", Merankorii's second CD, has been reviewed on Metal Incandescente (in Portuguese) where it got a rate of 7/10. Thanks for the review!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


After pondering it for a while, yesterday I came to the decision of updating the concept behind Merankorii's forthcoming album "Melencolia III". So, there's still some more work to do on it than the one I previously thought, but I really think that the result will be more enjoyable to you. Since next week I'll be on vacations, I expect to use that time to work a lot of Melencolia III and it's 14 tracks - my final goal is to have all the recordings done until the end of my vacations. After that, I'll record several copies of it and send it to some record companies, trying to get one wanting to release Melencolia III. But don't be afraid: the CD will be released in 2006, even if I have to do a self-release.

Several people are showing some sympathy and telling me how sad it is the fact that Merankorii having a hard time to get a deal with some record company. Well, that's true, but there's something you can do to change that fact and help Merankorii. As a matter of fact is pretty easy: you can just buy some Merankorii CD's (which cost only 1.50€ each, shipment included) and give them to your friends.