Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anti-Nuclear Music Compilation

Today is a day to remember. To remember of what happened 22 years ago. Thus, a music compilation was made, and Merankorii proudly participated with an exclusive track called "Nuclear Data". Lest we forget.

KEEP IT FROZEN - Anti-Nuclear Music Compilation
22th anniversary of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster - April 26, 1986,Pripyat, Ukraine

1.)Lezet - Crescendo 22
2.)Merankorii - Nuclear Data
3.)Napalmed - Mouth 3
4.)Horopter - Accension
5.)God Pollutes - Red Alert Enigma
6.)Pichismo - 10th Anniversary Of Chernobyl
7.)E-G - Black Grass
8.)Aatmaa - Aftermath
9.)Hagony- Zone of Analfixation
10.)Euphoric Insanity - k-hole
11.)Fiorella16 - Cainita
12.)N.Strahl.N & Strahlenzentrum - Lampen Rot
13.)LLuvia Acida - Liquidador
14.)Chefkirk - Practically all living things, human and animal, were literally seared to death
15.)(ZLO )ЗЛО - Тьм[1]..
16.)72dr - nuke urine
17.)Lodemidiquail ,Animal Machine - Worm Humanoid
18.)Psycheout Nachspiel Noise - slow immerger from the hideous crypt
19.)Horopter - It's in my brain
20.)KIF_ InterLOUD - 1
21.)God Pollutes - Pripyat
22.)Animal Machine - Fungi Could Eat Dangerous Radiation
23.)Napalmed - Zvonokosy
24.)Hologoreminator- Neta
25.)Sudor de Huevos - Muerte
26.)Seraph - X-Factory
27.)The Morrigan - Bound
28.)Animal Machine - Cybergoat, X-Ray Protection & Nuclear Shielding
29.)N.Strahl.N & Strahlenzentrum - Himmel voller Geiger
30.)Torstein Wjiik - What's This Atom?
31.)Mystified - Nuclear Radiation
32.)Messiah Complex - Nuclear Waste
33.)Prince Nygon vs. Universe Of Quad - intergalactic theatrics
34.)Sharza Harza - Creeping_D
35.)Aatmaa - 26.04.1996
36.)CockESP - The Real Housewives of Chernihiv Oblast
37.)ThrouRoof - 500tons of sand&tears
38.)Fiorella16 - Sirop
39.Krak - Poppy Heads Atomcraft
40.)KIF_ InterLOUD - 2
41.)Fossil - Primitive Sun
42.)Katsa Theo - Dr. Wassermann hates water
43.)Lodemidiquail ,Animal Machine - Nuclear Children
44.)Whale Plate - UOIg 93-7gggggggggggggggggg9306
45.)XM2901CW - Into The Dead Sky.

KEEP IT FROZEN - Anti-Nuclear Music Compilation
22th anniversary of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster - April 26, 1986, Pripyat, Ukraine
produced by kifrecording April 26, 2008

Features artist and project from : United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Macedonia, Belarus, Ukrania, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Serbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Australia, Antartica.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Viagem released!

So, finaly Merankorii's fifth album is released. "A Viagem" was released both in MP3 and in a 30-copies limited edition. The CD edition is sold out.