Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Track: Naturae

We're back to that time of the month you enjoy the most - the day Merankorii gives you another free track to listen or download: as usual, with a Creative Commons license.

Melencolia III - CD cover

This time the chosen track as "Naturae", from "Melencolia III". Listen or download it here. And remember: you still can find copies of this CD in several places.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[Merankorii - Angellore] #1 in top sales (NgH) !

The image tells you all, [Merankorii - Angellore] keeps being a success!

Merankorii / Angellore #1 in Top 10!

Buy your copy here before it gets sold out!

20th March 2009 (new compilation)

Merankorii did it again. "Methodicka 20", an until now unreleased track, is now out in the "20th March 2009" Cabinet Pin compilation:

20th March 2009 - cover


  1. Frequent Flyers - 44Hertz
  2. Time for Kerry - The Comptroller of Stamps
  3. Something Like a Black Hole - Loveletting
  4. Sentidos de Lujo - Fisheads of Fun
  5. Circumvent the Obvious - Telafonica
  6. Love is Recovered - Frontiers in Photography
  7. Open Houses - The Desks
  8. Triceratopses - Triceratopses
  9. Get Away - Vlayman
  10. Digging Underground - 44Hertz
  11. Pin the Tail on the Donkey - The Little Shop of Choppers
  12. Methodicka 20 - Merankorii

More info here.