Tuesday, February 17, 2009

20th January 2009 (new compilation, free track)

20th January 2009 (CD cover)

TWE044: 20th January 2009

Compilation (more info here). Released: Feb 2009.


  1. Northern Snow - Merankorii
  2. Tweaking the Cortex - Iain & Ross Dalrymple
  3. Surface of Objects - Fisheads of Fun
  4. Fries - Vlayman
  5. Hearing Words As Only Shadows - Frontiers in Photography
  6. No, Really, It's Nothing - Community Musk
  7. Victory March - A Machine for Finding the Centre of the Earth
  8. Time and Distance - Telafonica
  9. San Choi Bow Wow - The Lost Eyes
  10. Who Knows Where? - Frontiers in Photography
  11. 43 to 44 - superaction80
  12. January - The Desks
  13. Slicer - Cloudy
  14. Should Children Wear Black? - Frontiers in Photography
  15. Sunday - Stephanie Waldron
  16. Oh Benny (A Satirical Take on our Attitude Towards Benny's Room) - The Lost Eyes
Merankorii's track for this compilation is also the "free track of the month". It's called "Northern Snow" and you can download it at the usual place.

Monday, February 16, 2009

[Merankorii - Angellore] new album released!

Update: link to an online store selling this CD at the end of this post


Merankorii's 7th album, [Merankorii - Angellore], was released yesterday, 15th February 2009.

This album, a split with Angellore, shows two faces of the same story - We - one noisy and urban (Merankorii), and the other neofolkish and pagan (Angellore).

The album was released in a 60 copies limited edition by NgH Productions, and it is the first Merankorii album in a printed CD.

If you're interested in buying it, feel free to contact me. get it here. The album price is 8€.

I hope you'll enjoy this new album!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Free Movie: Playground

Greetings! This month, instead of the usual "Free Track", we have a surprise for you: a Free Movie!

That's right! Promising filmmakers Cátia Ferreira and João Alberto just finished their first movie "Playground", a short story created with Blender and released with a Creative Commons license, and Merankorii as its soundtrack.

Well, enough with words, here's the movie.