Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Falésia is a 3CD Portuguese Dark Ambient compilation, released by enough records.

The album is completely free, download (250 Mb).

Falésia CD1
01. Dream Metaphor - Space Traveller
02. Electrólise - Terminal Sedation
03. Organic Anagram - Mortuary Rituals For The Living Dead
04. Prolepse - De D a G
05. Dedxound - zxxck001
06. e:4c - communication flow
07. Massa Última - Aiche
08. Structura - Paisagem de chuva
09. Arcano Zero - Enophe
10. Sangre Cavallum - Trobo Treba
11. Triarca - Devotos

Falésia CD2
01. tg - click track
02. Morgor - Dark Era
03. ps - 345_070423
04. Stalker Vitki - Disclosure
05. Souls of Nephilims - There's no Light Here
06. Haze Maze - Millions of Dreams Moving us Apart
07. Merankorii - Cry

Falésia CD3
01. Sparagmos - Pentheus phase I
02. VelgeNaturlig - Yedelgeuse
03. NNY - 13
04. The Joy of Nature - Fire Only Rests
05. Nhoin - Suspect Zero
06. Systemic Failure - L'Enfer
07. Vysehrad - Tracks To Nowhere
08. Barcos - Radara

Friday, May 25, 2007

Merankorii @ Falésia

On the 2nd of June at Fábrica de Som (Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas 27, Porto, Portugal), there's this gig comming:

In the same day, Falésia, a 3 cd dark ambient compilation by Portuguese projects, is going to be released by Enough Records, a Portuguese netlabel, and will be, obviously, free for download in their website. But if you attend to this gig, you're going to get it from free in CD-R format! This release will feature one Merankorii track.

See you there!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sanguine (CD) is OUT NOW!

The album is finaly out there!

Split: Merankorii / Bardic Wisdom (15 May 2007)

    Bardic Wisdom - Prose of the Ancient Times

  1. By the Tolling of Fate's Bells
  2. Prayer of the Acclas
  3. Forgotten are the Toltec [listen]
  4. Into the void of Illapa
  5. The Ruins of Picchu [download]
  6. Merankorii - Sanguine

  7. Path
  8. Amnesia
  9. Lighthouse
  10. Lotus
  11. Beltane 2006
  12. A Second Vision [download]
  13. The Alchemist

The CD costs only 4€, the cassete version is going to be released in a couple of days, and its price will be announced by then.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Second Vision - download!

I've just changed the music player in this website, so it now has the same tracks as before and also "A Second Vision" - just take a look in the side bar and press "play" in the music player in there.

Also, if you can now download "A Second Vision" here, so.. go ahead: download it and share it with your friends!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Nothing is way too complex, and I never found something as complex as the human mind. But one thing is to understand something complex, the other is de-compexing it in order to transmit it - and that's the rational meaning behind Merankorii's minimalism.

As I've told you before, "Sanguine", a split with Bardic Wisdom, is going to be released in both Cassete and CD-R.

This release is limited to 50 Cassete copies and 50 CD-R's, and is going to see the light of day at the 15th of May, in 12 days! Keep updated...