Tuesday, February 27, 2007


As you know, Merankorii's latest album, Melencolia III, was released under the label of Nekrogoat Heresy Productions, a label that only releases Portuguese bands. NHP is a sub-label of War Flagellation Productions, also a label for obsure and dark sounds, but that words with worldwide bands.

A new release will see the light of day - an effort from those two labels - and that combines the dark ambient sounds of Merankorii and those of Australia's Bardic Wisdom: a split that will have two releases: one in K7 and other in CD.

Merankorii's side is going to be called "Sanguine", and is where the whole concept that begun with "O Monólogo do Mudo" is going to end.

Some answers for questions I already heard:

  • Sanguine is going to be the last album of the tetralogy. Yet, it doesn't mean that it will mark the end of Merankorii - it's exactly the oposite. Sanguine will open new doors to be explored in the works that will come after it...
  • A split release is basicly a release where two albums coexist in the same media. In this case, you'll be able to get one release (one K7 or one CD) and, in it, you'll find two albums: Sanguine from Merankorii and one other from Bardic Wisdom.
I'll surely give you more news on this matter, as things roll out...