Monday, October 16, 2006

"Armageddon, Vol. 1" is out!


Yes! "Arnageddon, Vol. 1" is out, and in this compilation there's a new track from Merankorii: Solitude! Get it now!

The compilation is free to download, and soon I'll have some "CD hard copies" too, so keep in touch!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Artists against Digital Restrictions Management

Action against DRM

Digital Rights Management (generally abbreviated to DRM) is any of several technologies used by publishers (or copyright owners) to control access to and usage of digital data (such as software, music, movies) and hardware, handling usage restrictions associated with a specific instance of a digital work. The term often is confused with copy protection and technical protection measures (TPM). These two terms refer to technologies that control or restrict the use and access of digital media content on electronic devices with such technologies installed, acting as components of a DRM design.

Being so, the best way to call DRM is "Digital Restrictions Management", a violation to freedom, and their products (like, in the Music Industry, CD's and DVD's) are Defective by Design.

So, tomorrow is going to be the Anti-DRM day, and actions are being made all over the world to protest against it.

It is important that us, artists, fight against DRM, but this is a fight for freedom, art, and YOU - our listeners. 'cause there's no right that you have to pay for a defective disc that won't play in your car's stereo system, nor that you can by a digital file for your PC or your portable audio player, but you can't send the song from one place to another. It's like having a CD that can only be heard in one stereo system, or a painting that you have but cannot be shown to anyone.

So, lets get us artists fight against this corporational art-killing future, but let's make this a fight for freedom, for art, for music-lovers. So if you're one of those, not only an artist - fight: there's a lot you can do!
Defective-CD-DRMIf you take a look to the picture shown, this is one of the pictures I've taken during my own fight against DRM: because this fight doesn't need only a "day", it needs to be constant. In this case, this is one of the defective pieces of media out there: that's right - Anja Garbarek stopped releasing CD's, and, not caring for her fans at all, started releasing defective digital media that can't play on my linux box or your car's CD player. So those CD's are now labeled with a sticker warning prospective buyers that the product has it's usage restricted. See?

You can also fight: for Art, for Freedom!