Monday, November 24, 2008

Okkulth Magick I

Okkulth Magick I

Okkulth Magick I is a free compilation of Okkulth sounds. Click on the image to be able to listen and download it. In particular this compilation features "Urbird", an exclusive track from Merankorii.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Various Artists: "The World Of All Evil"

The long awaited release of "The World Of All Evil" Is finally here.

Image Image


01 Deadskin - The World Of All Evil Dead (Theme)
02 Narkotika-rus - Trick or Treat (The Living Sweets of Halloween)
03 Grief of Emerald - Those Who Bear The Mark
04 The Whip of the UFO - Trilobite Attack
05 INVENOM - Zombie Zombie
06 -(rG13)- - ThEsE aRe ThE eYeS
07 Central Pod Man - When The Angel Bludgeon Demons
08 Tanaros - Halloween Awakening
09 IgnitraKill - You're Fucking Dead
10 Deszumidifikator - Enter The Tomb (Demo Version)
11 Cadaverine - Decapitated Christ
12 One Dead Fuck - In My Blackest Embrace
13 dreDDup - Halloween
14 Pnigmeni Pisina - Blood Stains Hope
15 Merankorii - Nuclear Data

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