Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Wall (lyrics)

I look
to the empty bricked wall
searching for you
trying to find out
what did I lost in the process
what was that I had
I have no more
So important
that made me loose you

I look to an empty street
Full of people with lives while I have none
Just a burden that makes me so tired
Tired of waiting for the sand to stop falling
So I can finally do it...

The wall walks on my side
as I try to figure out why
Why do you had to leave me alone?


A leaf falls in the other side of the road
and my finger plays with the cement between bricks
While a sullen tear tries to slide off my dried eyes
I have no more liquids in my body - only time

Did you ever thought that...

I love this wall
I love and... wall
I am the wall
Let me fall.

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