Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Album: Master Toad - God DIED in THAT Album

Master Toad - God DIED in THAT Album
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1.Angel with a slight case of misdirection (Angel's Requiem Remix by Master Toad)
2.Final Battle with the Temple Goddess (Feat. Trainwreck Orchestra)
3.Raid the Gates if Grief (Raid the Gates Remix by Invercauld)
4.Japanese Serpent (Chinese Serpent Remix by Silent Sounds)
5.Fire in my Wires (Mechanical Misguidance Remix by CK'GX)
6.Death-Of-God (Entire Album Remix by Merankorri)
"God DIED in THAT Album" is a collection of remixed songs from Master Toad's 2008 Release "God Dies in This Album" which was released on Love Torture Records and can be found at

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