Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Merankorii is now Creative Commons

Merankorii is now Creative Commons. What does this mean? Well, it basicly means that anyone is free, for any track from Merankorii, to download it, rip it, share it, play it or even remix it. If you're interested, check more details here.

If you like Merankorii and want to support it, please still consider buying Merankorii's albums: it's the money I make with each release that helps me work in the next one. Still, this license will simply set you free of all restraints in matters like giving the music to your family or friends, and this surely sets legal the copies of Merankorii that end up in places like Peer to Peer networks.


Magnus said...

It's very cool that you release your music under Creative Commons!

Mind Booster Noori said...

Thanks :-)

Mr. Nice Rip said...

NICE! Where can I get all your albums? I'm thinking of doing something cool with them. You know, mashups are cool.

So, what's the link to the tracks?

Mind Booster Noori said...

Hi there,

You can get the tracks that are available for download in the blog bar at your right, or here. Notice that not every track is available, since I depend on selling my albuns in order to get the opportunity to release further albums in CD. This license is used since I don't believe that those who are making copies of the albuns (from the CD or peer to peer networks, I don't care) shouldn't be considered criminals - I like them, as listeners of my music, as much as I like those who buy the actual thing.

It would be great to have my music remixed or mashup'ed by someone... If you're going to do it, please tell me about the results, I'm genuinelly curious!

José Gomes said...

Boas! estarias interessado em tocar ao vivo num evento para projectos musicais de coimbra? Estou a tratar de fazer um festival destes e ando a seleccionar possiveis interessados em participar.

Mind Booster Noori said...

Certamente! Merankorii não é propriamente um projecto de Coimbra, visto que actualmente vivo em Lisboa, mas Coimbra é actualmente a minha segunda cidade... E teria todo o gosto em participar nesse evento :-)

Contacta-me, enviando mail para marcos.marado(at)sonae(ponto)com