Monday, March 10, 2008

Ten things you want to know about "A Viagem"

  1. Official release date is 1st of April 2008
  2. Pre-orders will start shipping this month
  3. If you pre-ordered, probably you'll get your copy still in March
  4. Those "A Viagem" flyers are... flyers. They are not the CD cover, which you'll get to see before the release, but only after shipping started
  5. The CD costs 5€ with shipping included
  6. This is a 30 copies limited edition, and it's running out. Grab yourse quickly!
  7. There's no plans on selling the album in digital format until it is sold-out in CD format
  8. Yes, I'll all about "music for free". If you want Merankorii for free, I'm still releasing one free mp3 track per month at the usual place
  9. The money collected with Merankorii and Noori Records is used to make other releases happen
  10. Merankorii and Noori Records are eco-friendly. More about that soon.

1 comment:

necroslaughter said...

Dia 1 de Abril é mentira de certeza! :) Fico à espera da minha cópia!