Thursday, February 25, 2010

Merankorii quits SellABand

Because it wasn't fair for you, Merankorii fans and believers, Merankorii just quited SellABand.

A quick explanation: SellABand changed its Terms of Services. Each believer will have to cancel their account or accept them. If you (Merankorii SAB believers) agree with them, well, fine, but I don't want to incentive Merankorii fans to agree with a TOS that I don't agree myself. This is a part of what I said them about this issue:

I don't count on coming back to SAB as an artist until this [Terms of Services item number] 4.5 changes to something I feel more fair for me, as a band, to purpose to my fans, and I count to get back to being a believer *only*if* I find a band that I like so much that I'm willing to bet with my money in, taking into account that I might never see that money again

If you want to read the "complete version" of my stand on this issue, read what I wrote on my personal blog about it, and follow the links.

Thanks for understanding.

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