Monday, February 01, 2010

New release: Cryptoloop

Bash and python got together in a loop, messed up with some devices and crypt functions. The result was compressed and spat into a floppy. The riddle is that the source code, while not available, is shown by the 9 minutes long music track itself. You just have to learn how to reverse engineer it… Or, at least, enjoy the resulting tune. The geekiest release ever from Merankorii is out now: grab this Cryptoloop! Packed inside handmade cardboard covers. Limited to 10 copies.

Released  at the 1st of February 2010, in three editions:

Floppy Disk - 6 Euro
Floppy Disk + Colored CD (with extra track) - 10 Euro
Package (10 different items includding the floppy and the CD) - 40 Euro
(All prices include shipping)

About the floppy edition: This is a *real* floppy disk. You'll need a 3 1/2 floppy disk drive or you won't be able to listen to this single. Yup, this sets the record as Merankorii's geekiest release ever ;-)

About the CD edition:
Besides the floppy, a CDr, with four different colors available. Purchasers of more than one of this packages get different colors. The CD includes the Cryptoloop track and a bonus track.

About the Package edition:
Each Package is different, and comes with 10 different items (expect most of them to be CDs), two of them being the Cryptoloop Floppy Disk and the Cryptoloop CD. Don't be afraid: no package will come with more than one Cryptoloop CD, unless you ask during the order. The market value of the items in the package is guaranteed to be more than the price of the package.

Orders can be done via e-mail, for now.

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