Thursday, March 25, 2010

Merankorii @ Magna Casta

It isn't the first time Merankorii has a "commissioned work" of some sort, but it was the first time that Merankorii was *really* commissioned to do some work :-) Some months ago, the great folks from Magna Casta a great Portuguese website about wine, talked with me to commission a song made by Merankorii to be used by them on some future videos. We talked about it and agreed to talk more on the issue, but in the meantime a 20th came, and what better inspiration for it than doing a track called "Magna"? Long story short (as 20th's have to be - short), the track was made and accepted, and Magna Casta already used the track for the first time.

The video follows, don't be afraid to spread the word :-)

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