Thursday, October 01, 2009


Witte Dood is a sub-label of Svartgalgh Records, focusing on dark music of nearly any kind. Founded in 2009, its releases are much more DIY than those of the latter. Home-printed artwork in a thin plastic sleeve, 3”CDR discs only. Nothing fancy, just great music. And because of the simple, yet nice packaging, they are able to keep the prices low: only € 2,00 each (excl. p&p).

From their first day I knew I had to release something on this label - their concept is... defying. Let me explain: every release of them is a single, one track with 333, 666, 999 or 1332 seconds long (exactly - so 5:33, 11:06, 16:39 or 22:12).

And so... this happened:

WIT030 Merankorii - Leroi (1332 secs)
"Horror soundtrack from Portugal. Like the infamous and god-like Goblin."

Merankorii - Leroi

Click here to buy it, or listen to a sample mp3 first.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating the link!

Mind Booster Noori said...

No problem, it's part of the job :-)
Keep up the great work with the label!